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Eyes without Specs is the best Fashion statement

Reading Glasses (Presbyopia)


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What is Preksha Eye Yoga?.

Have you ever done Eye Yoga Exercises even once in your ENTIRE LIFE? No...? And, if we ask you what is more important -eyes or teeth? What if you had to choose only one? What would you choose? Eyes of course! But, we brush our teeth every day and we never do Eye Yoga Exercises. That’s why it’s more IMPORTANT to train our eyes. Are you willing to train your eyes for 8 weeks? 

Preksha means to “see deep”. Our sight is a potent source of intuitive wisdom that can guide us towards enlightenment if we practice it regularly.

Preksha Eye Yoga is a natural vision improvement program, which helps people to prevent and reduce eyesight problems without any surgery, LASIK, or Laser. Most people who wear glasses need some exercises to retrain the eyes. Eye Yoga Exercises help to relax and retrain the eye muscles to focus without strain and work more efficiently. 


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The Best Choice For Health Preksha Eye Yoga.

How Does It Work?

Eyes without Specs is the best Fashion statement

A sequence of the following sets of exercises to be followed every day to improve the Eyesight.

Detox the Eye

Relaxing Eye Muscles

Relieving the Strain

Retraining the Eyes

Strengthening Eye Muscles

Why Natural Vision Improvement Program?

In this era of Social Media, Laptops, TVs, and viral memes, most things have become easier. Digital technologies have transformed our lives. But, something that has suffered a lot in this process is our eyes. Staring at a screen for an extended period strains our eyes. When we watch, work, or gaze at screens, we almost forget to blink. Our eyes get tired. In the long run, it distorts and destroys our vision and eyesight. Digital usage and interaction are increasing day by day. Therefore, we need strong, fit, and healthy eyes with a perfect 20/20 vision.

​Specially Designed Protocols to Correct Vision Problems

Strengthens the Eye Muscles

Natural Vision Improvement Program

No Medicine, No Surgery, No Side Effects

Diet Chart for Vision Improvement

Live Free from Specs

Benefits of the Preksha Eye Yoga

Why Should You Join Us?

Preksha Eye Yoga is a holistic program to Improve Eyesight. It is very beneficial for those who wear glasses or work long hours on a computer screen. It is especially helpful for growing children to make their eye muscles healthy and strong.

If you are observing Itching, Red Eyes, Burning, Fatigue, Stress-Strain, Computer Vision Syndrome, Blur Vision, Double Vision, Dry Eyes, Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, and Lazy Eyes then this program is a BOON for you. If you are a Netflix binge-watcher then you must have experienced various kinds of problems while going to bed. Join Preksha Eye Yoga for a stress less day and night.

If you don’t want to wear glasses you must join the program Preksha Eye Yoga. It will help you to prevent and reduce eyesight problems at an early stage.

Find Us Preksha Eye Yoga.


Location 1
H.N. 123 Uday kunj (Basement) Saidulajab, Near Wisdom Library,
Main Road Saket Landmark- Baby Joy IVF Center
Nearest Metro Saket (Exit From Gate No. 2) walk in distance

Location 2
Plot No. 60 2nd Floor, Niti Khand 3, Indirapuram


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